The DGMT Consortium comprises a team of experienced and dynamic professionals who have been successfully running their own law firms for more than 10 years.

What we share is our passion and love for our profession. Our common willingness to deal with the most ambitious projects, shaped by the demanding conditions of legal and economic transactions, has been the basis for the establishment of the Consortium which - in addition to our individual law firms – will be executing complex, specialist and often multi-branch orders.

Diverse specialties of each member of the DGMT Consortium as well as their profound and comprehensive knowledge of legal and non-legal aspects, providing a solid professional background, guarantee top quality complementary legal services provided to our clients.

We respect our Client’s needs, which means that our offer is continuously adjusted to the changing trends and business needs.

The most important projects in which the DGMT members have participated are listed below:

  • Complex legal service of investments, among other things including: design, structure and commercialisation of building projects; developing common brand names of products for the consumer market as well as distribution networks and IT infrastructure for the operation of such networks; setting up special purpose entities focused on the implementation of precisely defined business objectives in the area of construction, e-business and a legal framework of the products implemented by them as well as entities directly engaged in those ventures, from the stage of drawing up contracts and trade-agreements, through negotiations to the finalisation of those ventures;
  • Performing due diligence within various investment processes;
  • Providing ongoing legal services to businesses from the financial, transport and forwarding, e-business and real property sectors, including developers and agents, especially with regard to legal audits, investment process related negotiations, and administrative (court- administrative) and civil proceedings.

The Consortium brings together Partners specialising in the mutually complementary areas of law and business, i.e.

  • legal regulations of the widely understood electronic commerce and electronic legal services, consultancy services and legal-business services for the financial sector, real-property sector, e-business and IT implementation sector. Extensive practice in the field of demanding commercial contracts, including investments on real property markets and agreements with foreign partners, copyright and personal data protection law.
  • work experience gained in common courts and administrative courts. Consultancy, among other things, to commercial companies (including capital groups) from the construction, power and IT sectors within the scope of civil and commercial law (corporate law and economic activity law), regarding providing ongoing legal services to businesses as well as physical persons. Deep knowledge of administrative proceedings affairs and administrative, civil, commercial and family law.
  • Specialization in the field of legal services provided to widely understood investment process, especially in performing legal analysis of due diligence, acquisition of titles to real property, drafting and analysing contracts from the design stage to the completion of the investment, also investments organized and conducted under public service contracts, including experience in perpetual usufruct fee issues, charges for the use of a road lane, compensations for expropriated property, zoning or adjacent fees. Consultancy concerning energy law, in particular trade in electrical energy and gaseous fuels, the nature of investment process with regard to energy sources, regulation of legal titles to real property for the network infrastructure purposes, claims referring to non-contractual use of real property, and ongoing service of real property entities.
  • Great experience in proceedings before common courts of law, administrative courts and the Supreme Court.


In the joint projects the DGMT Consortium benefits from scientific achievements and scientific analyses prepared on behalf of the recognised representatives of the legal doctrine, focusing in particular on widely understood: a) public economic law (energy law, public procurement law, competition law, economic activity law; b) environmental protection law (environmental impact assessment, financial means and legal measures, including fees for environmental fees and administrative penalties, liability in environmental protection); c) criminal law and petty offences law.

The large team of collaborators of the DGMT Consortium comprises assistants and trainees as well as a large number of legal counsels and lawyers specialising in various fields.


The DGMT Consortium members specialise in providing comprehensive legal assistance to business entities and physical persons. We advise entrepreneurs how to choose the right form of activity as well as on their current activities, investments, transformations, fusions and divisions.

Acting individually or within joint projects (depending on the clients’ needs):

  • we provide standard legal assistance and services in the field of widely understood civil law, with particular regard to the issues of corporate and economic activity law, labour law and administrative law;
  • we provide specialist services in the field of public procurement law, construction and real property law, energy law, personal data protection law, e-service law, copyright, industrial property law, consumer law and the so-called new technology law;
  • we represent Clients in family proceedings courts (divorce proceedings, annulment of marriage, separation, execution of parental authority and regulation of contacts with a child, removal of joint ownership and division of joint property, maintenance, etc.), we provide assistance in drafting marriage contracts (prenuptial agreements), we advise on the issues regarding joint property of spouses (division of marital property);
  • we provide complex services in the field of criminal law, petty offences law and penal fiscal law that include handling cases during the preparatory proceedings conducted by the Police and prosecutor’s office, defending the accused and suspected persons in the preparatory and court proceedings, appearing before the court as a victim’s legal representative and auxiliary prosecutor, representing clients in enforcement proceedings by submitting motions and appeals in cases regarding postponement of the execution of a sentence, early release and interruption of the execution of a sentence, pardon cases, preparing private indictments and representing victims in criminal proceedings.

We specialise in conducting negotiations, reviewing and analysing contracts, and drafting the remaining trade documentation. The DGMT Consortium members and the legal team members have comprehensive experience in investment legal service (including legal audits of real property and acquired companies), and also many years’ experience in conducting court cases (civil, in particular economic, criminal and family – divorce cases).

Furthermore, we provide an attorney acting as a defence lawyer, legal representative of auxiliary prosecutors or private prosecutors in all phases of criminal proceedings.

The offered services may be provided either electronically or personally at your seat or in any indicated place. Priority projects are always dealt with first, without time and territory limits.

It should be noted that our services are also offered in English, as we are fluent in both spoken and written English.

ul. Dmowskiego 6/6, 80-243 Gdańsk
tel.: 58 / 728 28 95, fax: 58 / 728 28 94


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